Survey Shows Bosses Struggle with Financial Management

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Survey Shows Bosses Struggle with Financial Management

A survey of 600 business leaders by has revealed that the majority of bosses find financial management one of the weakest links in their skill set.  Less than 4% said they felt controlling the financial side of their business was their strongest point.

At Blue Sky Corporate Finance we appreciate that running a business can often be a lonely and uncompromising place.  If you sometimes feel that your business needs some financial focus and direction then a financial mentor comes into its own.

Our approach is all about giving entrepreneurs, business owners and managers what they need to make positive changes to the way their business does things.  Our Mentoring Service can cover a wide range of areas from advice on preparing business plans and financial forecasts, ensuring your accounts provide you with the management information you require, through to dealing with specific operational problems of the business itself.

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