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Are you an investor looking to make sure that your interests are represented and protected in an investee company OR a management team looking for a part-time, experienced and independent executive to fill a skill gap in the management team?

A non-executive directorship is an appointment to the board of a company on a part time basis.  The work of a non-executive director generally involves attending board meetings and performance of specified company functions (this is especially true in the case of an SME) with the aim of providing independent, experienced, intelligent advice to the company board, the chairman and the management team.

Studies have shown that companies benefit significantly from having independent, non-executive directors on their boards.  Their breadth of view, especially in the areas of strategy, independent thinking and knowledge, compliance with regulations and corporate governance compliment the daily business focus of executive directors.  The combination of these skills and experience in the boardroom gives an organisation the best opportunity to succeed in today’s business world.

Members of the Blue Sky team serve in the capacity of part-time and non-executive directorships on the board of directors of a number of companies.

We specialise in helping the owners/managers of small and medium enterprises to become investment ready, raise finance, start up a business, to sell a business, to undertake management buy outs/buy ins and to make corporate acquisitions.