Corporate Finance

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Corporate Finance

Blue Sky (Corporate Finance) 30mm x 15mm

Are you looking to raise finance for your business?

Starting from a deep understanding of your business and personal objectives, we will raise the right issues, design the right structure and find the right financial backer for you.  We can help you at any or all stages of the fund raising process; from the preparation of the investment proposal documents; the marketing of the investment opportunity; choosing the right investor(s) and where appropriate, the right structure of equity/debt; the negotiation of the deal terms and we can offer a range of post transaction services designed to fit your business needs.

What can Blue Sky Corporate Finance do to help you?

Firstly, we establish your business objectives and personal ambitions and then work out how much finance is required.  We can provide assistance in the preparation of the Investment Proposal document (Business Plan), help you to determine the level/type of finance required, the most likely source of funding and the optimum tax structure for the funding options.

Secondly, we can help you to find the right financial backer (or in most cases the right combination of backers) for you.  Working on literally hundreds of deals has given us regular contact with banks and financial institutions, both high street and niche providers. We can help you with the introduction to the right finance provider(s) and we can help you to prepare your presentation to the prospective investor.   We have considerable experience with:-

Asset Backed Finance
Bank Lending
Business Angels and Business Angel Networks
Crowdfunding Investments
Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
Grants (Local, National and European)
Matched Investment Funding
Peer-to-Peer Lending
Private Equity Investments
R&D Tax Credit Applications
Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)
Trade Finance
Venture/VCTs/Development Capital

Thirdly, we ensure that whatever structure is created for the loan or investment, it supports both your business and long term aims.  We work with you through the negotiation of deal terms and advise the management team on the legal, commercial and tax implications of the transaction.