Virtual CFO

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Virtual CFO

Helping Drive Business Growth For SMEs

At Blue Sky Corporate Finance we appreciate that running a business poses many challenges and you may feel that your business needs some financial focus and direction. If this strikes a cord with you then why not let us steer you in the right direction through our Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO) service?

What is a Virtual CFO?

A Virtual CFO is an effective way for businesses to gain solid financial support without the commitment and associated cost of a full time CFO. A VCFO helps businesses maximise their financial advantages by looking behind the numbers and making sure business owners understand all their financial information so they can make informed decisions.

As a business grows and becomes more complex the decisions you make have a much bigger impact and you may find you now need to move up a gear but are unsure where to start.

Why appoint a VCFO?

A VCFO is a highly experienced financial expert who can provide independent financial advice and advise you through your development by helping you figure out the options and the most efficient path to sustainably grow your business.

Our VCFOs have proven ability to grow a company’s sales, profits and cashflow and will help you make smart and timely business decisions. We will work with you to improve your management information and prepare you for the next level.

Whether you are a small business that manages your own finances, but now find you don’t have the time to plan future growth or you already employ a bookkeeper and accountant but feel you need extra support to help you expand, then a VCFO is a cost-effective way to get the support and drive your business to success.

We tailor our services to your needs, ensuring we maximise the return on your investment with us.

Alternatively, if you feel a VCFO maybe too much for you right now, why not consider engaging a Virtual Financial Controller who will help keep your books in order, develop the annual financial plan and track performance against it.

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