Transaction Services

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Transaction Services

Are you a management team looking to buy a business, sell a business or raise finance for a business?

Are you an investor considering buying a business or making an investment (equity, debt or trade finance) into a business?

We offer a range of services designed to support the transaction process:-

Getting Ready for the Transaction

It may be a cliché but you only get one chance to make a good first impression and we all know that a poor first impression can be the devil’s only job to repair.

So management teams looking to raise finance (for growth, acquisition, MBO or MBI) should carefully consider the input and assistance of seasoned corporate finance professionals to make sure that they are investment ready and owner/entrepreneurs should carefully consider the use of specialists when they are looking to sell.


We all know that the secret of success is being prepared and this principle of wisdom is no less true of corporate finance transactions. The interests of the management team looking to buy a business and the interests of the investor (institutional or individual) looking to make an investment into a business are both best served by being well informed and well prepared. So why not take some of the risk out of the transaction that you are contemplating by seeking independent, impartial and professional advice from Blue Sky?

Our due diligence services are designed to provide buyers and investors with peace of mind, our research services deliver an open, objective and comprehensive review of the market sector and competitive landscape.  Our valuation services offer the opportunity for you to benchmark the transaction valuation and will also offer independent, constructive and practical advice on this delicate subject matter.

Making the most of the Transaction

A corporate finance transaction (buying, selling or raising finance for a business) is a relatively infrequent occurrence in the life of a company or director. Nevertheless it is often a unique opportunity to consider options that would otherwise not be open to the company (and more importantly will not be available once the transaction is complete).

Many grants are only available at a time when the company can show that its needs the finance and has plans to secure the balance of the finance required (very few grants contribute more than 50% of the costs of any given project). Have you considered the scope for attracting grant funding at the same time as you raise finance from another source?

Some equity investment funds are bound by a rule to “match” a similar investment from a private and independent source. In most cases this matching investment can only take place at the same time as the private/independent investment or very soon thereafter. Have you considered the scope for matching equity investment at the time that you are raising private/independent investment?

Many banks will consider some form of unsecured (or modestly secured) loan only at the same time that equity finance is being raised. Have you considered an application for a loan, overdraft or even trade finance (even if you are not sure that you are going to need these lines of finance) at the same time as you are raising equity finance?

Some corporate finance transactions offer a one off opportunity for the investors to take advantage of tax incentives at the point of investment and most corporate finance transactions will offer an opportunity for the outcome to be optimised for taxation purposes. The most obvious examples of potential tax considerations are the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) but there are others. Why not ask an expert to take a look at the transaction that you are contemplating and ask them to make sure that it is optimised for tax?

We specialise in helping the owners/managers of small and medium enterprises to become investment ready, raise finance, start up a business, to sell a business, to undertake management buy outs/buy ins and to make corporate acquisitions.