Credit Control

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Credit Control

Planning Business Finance ProposalsCredit Control is an important part of running any business – especially a business with limited cash resources.

Blue Sky offer clients a custom-made Credit Control service based on their individual business requirements. Clients can choose all or some of the following Credit Control elements they believe are most pertinent to the successful running of their business.

Our day-to-day Credit Control service includes:

  • Credit checking of potential new customers – we can undertake credit checks to help you establish the viability of a new customer for trading purposes, reducing the risk of you being left unpaid.
  • We can advise on appropriate credit limits and terms for payment you may wish to set.
  • Reconcile accounts; provide a month end debtor ledger and issue monthly customer statements.
  • Supply copies of invoices; credit notes etc
  • Contact debtors via email, telephone or letter to ensure prompt payment of outstanding invoices.
  • Keep detailed records of all communications with your customers in case of future issues with payment and records are needed for court proceedings.
  • Instruct collection agencies and/or solicitors if needed and assist with escalation to court proceedings.
  • Detect and highight any potential debtor problems early.