Corporation Tax Services

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Corporation Tax Services

With the introduction of Corporation Tax Self Assessment (CTSA), companies now need to fully understand the duties and responsibilities placed on them under this regime. We offer advice on:-

  • Record keeping requirements
  • Minimising the overall liability
  • All relevant claims and deductions
  • Calculation of the corporation tax liability
  • Corporation tax payment deadlines
  • Form CT600 filing deadlines
  • CTSA enquiry parameters
  • The penalty system
  • R&D tax credits

Agreeing your corporation tax liability with the Inland Revenue is principally achieved by completing a company tax return.  Understanding this complicated tax system and paying the correct amount of tax, at the correct time, through the correct mechanism, is what most clients seek. Speak to our experienced tax technicians and put your mind at ease.  We will also seek to identify means to reduce your tax liability.