Help Through The Acquisition Process

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Help Through The Acquisition Process

AcquisitionIdentify a Suitable Acquisition
Sourcing a suitable acquisition cannot be left to chance. Blue Sky offer a deal origination research service – using our subscription to industry leading research services we can help you to identify the right acquisition target, benchmark your target against its contemporaries, research trading trends in the market sector in which your target operates, approach the owners of your target (on a confidential basis) and we can help you to gauge the appetite for a deal – and all these things can be done before you invest any of your own valuable time and effort.


Make an Informed Decision
Once an acquisition opportunity is identified it is vital that rigorous checks are made to ensure all is as it seems.  We have extensive experience in a wide range of sectors and are able to undertake in-depth financial due diligence on a target business and report back in a clear and concise format on any significant concerns, enabling you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed or not.

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Ensure the acquisition is completed successfully
In addition to identifying key targets and researching their suitability, we can also assist with the taxation implications of the deal proposed, advice and support with financing the deal, and work with the legal team to work towards a successful completion.