Looking to sell your business?

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Looking to sell your business?

for-sale-signWhen you are considering selling a business, no matter how large or small, achieving the best possible terms is your primary concern. Selling a business can be a complicated process and not one you should undertake without taking professional help and advice.  Blue Sky has the knowledge and experience to help you to achieve the maximum value from the sale and achieve the optimal result.

In our experience it’s never too early to plan your exit strategy and to pull together the team of advisors who will steer you through the sale process.  By appointing external advisors business owners will typically benefit from a shortened sale process and ultimately gain a better price.

Preparing the business for sale

Top Tips to consider when planning to sell your business

Due Diligence – why is it important?

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Finding the right buyer

Paul Heaven
Paul Heaven, Managing Director, Blue Sky Corporate Finance commented: “The corporate advisor is responsible for running the show and goes beyond co-ordinating and ensuring systems are followed. They also act as diplomat between the business seller and potential buyer, dealing with the difficult decisions, changes and objections that inevitably arise during the sale process.”

Our expert corporate finance team enable us to prepare a business for sale, compile the sales mandate, help identify potential purchasers, undertake the valuation of the business, advise on taxation, negotiate terms on your behalf and complete the deal.

We have extensive experience across a diverse range of sectors and company sizes, so if you are interested in finding out more about the sale process, please contact us for a free no obligation review of your business.