Future Growth Programme

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Future Growth Programme

“Britain in line for blistering economic recovery”

OECD : February 2010

“All sorts of new business opportunities will emerge post recession”

George Osbourne : August 2010

“Business will lead the recovery”

David Cameron : June 2010

“Recession creates opportunity”

Peter Mandelson : May 2010

So the consensus is set, the economy is emerging from recession (the great brains differ on the speed of the recovery but not the fact) and that all sorts of new opportunities await us all as the new paradigm emerges. So how do you plan to embrace this new dawn of optimism? Perhaps you are planning to start-up a business or grow your existing business. Maybe it is time to think about that buy-in, buy-out or corporate acquisition while valuations are still reasonable. Or, maybe you want to start to think about preparing your business for sale now that mergers/acquisitions are starting to take place and valuations are beginning to recover?

Over the next 4 months, Blue Sky Corporate Finance will be publishing a series of “Blue Papers” and hosting a series of seminars on the challenges ahead for local (West Midlands) based entrepreneurs as we emerge from the recession. We will also be launching the “Future Growth Programme” with the assistance and support of some of our local partners (Business Link, Advantage West Midlands, Manufacturing Advisory Service and local fund providers).

Under the Future Growth Programme, the owner managers of growing West Midlands based small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs looking to start up a business, management buy-out and buy-in teams, local companies looking to attract inward investment for acquisitions and the owners of growth companies considering selling, will be entitled to some FREE mentoring services to help you to formulate your plans.

The Future Growth Programme is set to run to 31 December 2010 but spaces are limited, so be sure to register early.

If you would like to register to receive the FREE Blue papers, attend the FREE seminars and/or for an application for the FREEmentor service, please fill in the form below.

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