Social Enterprises

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Social Enterprises

With an array of organisatSocial Enterprise 4ions offering loans, grants and investment options specifically targeted at social enterprises, it can often appear a daunting task to identify the right funding provider for your specific purpose.

Blue Sky Corporate Finance is an independent, professional and experienced corporate finance team providing services to social enterprises. A major part of the work we undertake is to help businesses understand the commercial issues in order to reach an investment ready stage and then to provide them with the help they require to raise finance, by way of grant, debt or equity.

blue_sky_010Tony Seaton, Associate Director, Blue Sky Corporate Finance commented:With the availability of grant funding reducing dramatically and competition for the limited amounts fierce, we are committed to ensuring Social Enterprises gain access to other sources of funding available, enabling them to realise their growth potential. Preparing the documentation needed to ensure investment readiness can often seem a little overwhelming and time-consuming but using experienced advisors, such as Blue Sky, will ensure enterprises are able to present a credible and robust plan.”