What your accountant would tell you – if you had one …

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What your accountant would tell you – if you had one …

Through the Coventry and Warwickshire Business Support Programme which is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund, CUE Business Solution, is delivering free workshops to prestart and new businesses in the Coventry and Warwickshire region.

As part of the programme Blue Sky Corporate Finance has put together a great workshop that will enable you to use forecasting techniques to set budgets and performance targets and critically monitor spending and performance. Even better you can ask all those questions you’ve been wondering about.

What your accountant would tell you

The aim of the workshop will be to increase your understanding in the theory and practical everyday use of key financial documents so that you may be more confident in future business dealings. Competences gained from this workshop will enable you to more effectively:

  • Use forecasting techniques to set budgets and performance targets.
  • Monitor spending and performance.
  • Consider, project and manage options for change.
  • Control your business and inspire confidence in stakeholders to secure commitment, team work and whatever is needed to support everyday success and growth.

We cover:

  • I thought accounts were for accountants! What are the key financial statements – why do they matter to me and my business? What are they telling us; how to interpret them and how will others interpret them?
  • Profit and loss: A quick look at how each of the elements are treated that make up business income, expenditure and overheads.
  • The balance sheet in detail: Taking a snapshot of your business – what can we learn?
  •  The cash flow forecast: How to use common sense to build up a picture of our business future. The key difference between profit and cash, demonstrating the issues of working capital.

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