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Professional Help & Advice

It can often appear a daunting task for business owners to identify the right finance provider for their specific purpose and with demand for any type of finance high and competition fierce; successfully securing the funding can often prove a challenge. However, appointing the right financial advisor really does make the difference between success and failure.

Why use a corporate finance advisory company?

When it comes to financial decisions, which could have a huge impact on your firm, you cannot afford to let emotions get in the way. This can often be the case when weighing up everything on your own. Here at Blue Sky, we can give you an impartial and balanced professional viewpoint. We can also help you to put together an effective financial strategy and plan and we will assess any risks associated with the funding or investment opportunity you are considering, ensuring you minimise risks and take advantage of any available tax breaks.

We will also give you valuable market insight, whether this means providing you with information on who is in the market for lending to local SMEs, or wider information on overseas and domestic markets for potential investment opportunities. Ultimately, our service will help protect the future strength of your business. With so much to do, and many everyday practicalities to concern yourself with, it can be easy for business owners to lose sight of the wider implications. We will help to ensure a secure and stable financial future for your business by considering your business objectives with every decision, always having the long-term vision in mind.

John Luscombe, Director, J Luscombe Associates: “Blue Sky not only introduced us to funders who knew our business sector, but assisted us with the fund raising process and supported us all the way.”

Experienced in many fields

When it comes to appointing a financial advisor it’s essential you find a partner you can trust, and who has the relevant expert experience. Whether you need rigorous checks before taking on an investment opportunity or need to identify the right funding solution and provider, you can be confident Blue Sky has the knowledge you require. If you seek an advisor with experience across a diverse range of sectors, which offers unbiased guidance and advice, and that will support your business and long-term aims, then there is no-one better for the job than Blue Sky.

Our level of experience sets us apart from other advisory firms. Working on raising finance on a daily basis gives us considerable expertise across all of the following and more – trade finance, bank lending, Peer-to-Peer lending, grants, crowdfunding investments, R&D tax credit applications and asset backed finance. We’ll help you to establish your objectives and then we’ll find the right financial solution for you. We have helped an abundance of local businesses with this advice across all industries.

Remember – it has been proven that your chances of success in a funding application are significantly higher if you seek professional advice and this advice need not be expensive.

If you would like to chat through your requirements and find out how we can help you, contact our professional and experienced team of advisors.

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