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IPI SolutionsFrom Birth to Marriage [or From PowerPoint to Exit] 

Those of you old enough to have children who have flown the nest; know what it is like to have nurtured them through thick and thin, to have at least attempted to guide them down what seemed to be the right pathway, to have suffered the lows and shared the highs and maybe have shed a tear or two on their wedding day.

When Blue Sky Corporate Finance helped the founder of IPI Solutions Ltd to secure a £35k investment from a local proof of concept fund in 2005 to help turn an idea articulated in PowerPoint into reality – the business labour pains had begun and a journey that would lead to a £5.54m exit in the winter of 2016 was underway.

A couple of bank loans (2006) and an equity investment (2008) later the pace gathered and a market leading software application serving the Aerospace and Automotive sectors with customers across the globe emerged. Blue Sky helped with all aspects of the growing pains, from pricing strategies, key customer/partner contract negotiations and employment matters and supported them with a comprehensive mix of accountancy services including bookkeeping, accounting, credit control, payroll, taxation and company secretarial services.

As the business began to flourish Blue Sky assisted with the delicate process of buying out some of the minority shareholders and preparing the business for its ultimate exit. Blue Sky took the lead role in the dowry negotiations, project managing the sale mandate process, corporate and personal tax planning and working with all of the stakeholders to secure a painless and smooth transition.

Brian Harvey, MD, of IPI Solutions Ltd noted “Blue Sky have been alongside me throughout the ups and downs of the business. They helped me to raise finance to get the business started and to support its growth. They also provided an outsourced back office administration and finance service as the business grew and have been a sounding board for me as new opportunities and challenges came along. Without their calm confidence, assurance and help I am 100% sure that I would not have made it through the emotions of the exit process.”

Paul Heaven, MD, of Blue Sky Corporate Finance observed “We have worked with Brian and his team from the inception of this business; which was little more than a good idea set out in a pitch deck through to its ultimate exit. This is a classic example of how we can work with an owner/manager through the various lifecycle phases of a business, adding value along the way and then assist them with the management of the exit process. More than most this is a business for which I feel an element of personal pride.”

IPI Solutions was acquired by Ideagen Plc in December 2016.