State Aid Projects Due Diligence

When the Public Sector gets involved in a private business by way of an equity investment, grant or loan we understand that this adds a new dimension to the challenges of due diligence.  The rules/regulations pertaining to State Aid under EU legislation can be complex and can change as new guidelines and clarifications are published.  Blue Sky are experts in State Aid and frequently undertake pre-transaction, post-transaction audits and even opinion based reports on the State Aid implications of Public Sector interventions.  The range of State Aid related due diligence services that we provide includes:

  • MEIP Test – Market Economic Investor Principle audit reports
  • Risk Capital Intervention audits/reports
  • Financial Engineering Instruments (FEI) audits/reports
  • De-minimis Test audits/reports
  • RGF Pre Investment/Post Investment/Annual audit reports
  • Growing Places Pre Investment due diligence
  • ERDF/LEP/Local Authority grant and loan scheme audits
  • State Aid Expert Opinion reports

If this sounds like an area we maybe able to help you with please call or email us.