University of Birmingham Financial Forum

The inaugural Birmingham Financial Forum was held in The Great Hall, Birmingham University on Saturday 22nd October 2011.  This one day event provided 300 students with a valuable insight into the Finance Industry from three different angles:  Banking, Consultancy and Private Equity.  With panel discussions, keynote speakers, and networking sessions, this event provided delegates with an exceptional intellectual and networking opportunity.

Blue Sky Managing Director, Paul Heaven participated as a keynote speaker in the “Moral Hazard in the Banking Sector” session alongside representatives from Bloomberg, MSc Money, Banking and Finance and Birmingham Business School.  Click here for speaker profile details.

This thought provoking session debated the issues surrounding the Government’s involvement in the recent banking crisis and whether they should be bailing out banks that make bad decisions.  If they do nothing, they risk financial meltdown in the banking sector. However, if they intervene and save the bank, are they sending them the message that they will always get bailed out and therefore encourage them to worry less about making bad loans?